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Techie, blogger & DataScience manager. I write about Technology, Leadership, and Career Development.

#NoFussWriting Challenge Day2

A fun way to challenge yourself and earn money too!

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I had a lot of success with my past writing challenges, especially the 100DayChallenge started by Dr Mehmet Yildiz. I had a lot of fun and also made a decent amount of money. Although I did not finish the 100 days, I had so much fun and learning that I have decided to restart again!

This time I know daily posts will be difficult, so I am creating an easy one.

No Fuss, Only Fun!

The rules of my new writing challenge #NoFussWritingChallenge. If anyone wants to join in, please do tag me by name so I get notified to read your content.


The path to riches requires a mindset shift, but not the way you think!

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There are countless blog posts and articles that tell you how to save money, how to earn money online, how to use the law of attraction to boost income, and how saving a $5 latte every day converts to a million dollars in twenty years. This is NOT such a post!

My perspective is a little different.

I want to propose that the path to riches (via a business or corporate ladder) requires a definite shift in thinking, especially if you start poor or middle class.

Shoes worth $10,000

If someone were to ask you — would you pay ten thousand dollars for…

Skills for the Digital Age

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Writing is the new leadership.

Leadership has always been equated with visionary genius, charisma, and powerful oratory skills. However, as the world goes increasingly digital and online, writing has become a far more necessary skill. If you are in any kind of leadership position or aspire to reach the highest echelons of the C-suite, then cultivating masterful writing skills is mandatory.

Yes, you need to be a good orator. Public speaking has always been a prerequisite for CEOs, executive members, and anyone who is considered (or wants to be) the face of the company.

It is just that with the…

#NOFUSSWRITING Challenge Week5

Leadership Through Uncertain Times…

Photo by Kelly Sikkema on Unsplash

Are you a leader of leaders?

This profound quote from the CEO of WSFS bank within the book ‘The Edge’ was an epiphany! Executives can talk themselves hoarse about concepts like grassroots leadership, ‘every employee is a leader’, and ways to promote their transformational vision/ galvanize change. However, unless your juniors have the opportunity to exercise their leadership skills and make better decisions without you, we (as leaders) are creating a huge bottleneck!

Side note1 — Good books do this! They force you to rethink your deepest beliefs and perspective on many facets of life!

Side note2 — Thank you…

MWC Death

What Doesn’t Kill You Makes You Stronger…

Photo by Andre Sebastian on Unsplash

Death has been a recurring theme in my life all through this pandemic, bringing both turmoil and new opportunities. I am sure many others have also experienced this Aegean stables type change — unwanted, unpleasant but also opening the doors to new moments that bring joy.

This post is a summary of some of those thoughts…

  • Death of loved ones. Three vibrant, amazing people (at different points in time) were called away too soon. One was a cousin sister who achieved more at 35 than most do at 85! Still, it was heartwrenching to know that we could not even…

Working Moms are also FULLTIME moms!

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Motherhood and money are a match made in heaven. Money cannot buy happiness, but it makes motherhood a lot more enjoyable!

This explores how work can actually make motherhood (and parenting) more satisfying and fun!

Before any of my readers get agitated or angry, let me add some disclaimers — becoming a mom is the MOST wonderful thing that happened to me! My daughter is the most important thing in my life and the experience has been priceless! Motherhood cannot and should not be quantified!

However, since I have experienced all the versions of motherhood — stay-at-home mom (SAHM), a…

Powerful Storytelling To Engage and Educate Your Readers…

Photo by Daniel Monteiro on Unsplash

Most non-fiction books and business texts feel dry and dull as ditchwater! Even though I am a voracious reader and book addict, I have read many books which I picked up only because the information seemed essential. If the author were not so famous or if I had any other choice, I would have ditched them at once!

This post is about a new genre of non-fiction books that made me go wow! :)

As a reader, I was enthralled. As a writer, I am definitely going to be using this method to better engage and captivate my readers!



Shift your perspective, and see the money flow in…

Photo by Jason Leung on Unsplash

Billionaire CEOs are modern-day Templar Knights, except they guard their time like the Holy Grail! And that is the shift in perspective ordinary mortals never quite understand or follow!

Not quite what you expected from the title?

True, but that is the drawback of productivity hacks! You can be super-efficient and do the work of 4 people, but your efforts are for naught if you are working on the wrong goal.

In the past 2 years, I have devoured books by almost all the self-made billionaires and world leaders — Reid Hoffman, Naval Ravikant, Tim Ferris, Obama, Warren Buffet, etc…

#NoFussWritingChallenge Day1

How the World’s Most Innovative Business Leaders Think and Lead…

Writer’s ARC copy from NetGalley

Would you like to know the exact recipe to build a billion-$ business?

Would you like to know how the founders of Airbnb, Bevel, Canva, and other mega brands got started?

Want to know what leadership and critical thinking skills did these founders possess that allowed them to disrupt markets and achieve unicorn status? What sets them apart from the solopreneurs/biz owners struggling to make ends meet?

Most startups barely make it past the first year; yet some brands scale to stupendous success. …

Antique Yet Brilliant Marketing Ideas for a Modern World

Banner for bday party — image courtesy author

Did you recently receive any marketing postcards or snail mail with old-fashioned hand-written notes? They stand out like exotic birds of paradise among a sea of typed mailing envelopes. And they evoke so much joy! Even if you suspect it is junk (who sends handwritten cards anymore!) it is just too tempting to ignore.

Marketing Brilliance

I recently realized the power of this method as a marketing and business development opportunity. I sold some of my old textbooks on Amazon and added a 4×6 Thank you card with a note inside. …

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