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Techie, blogger & DataScience manager. I write about Technology, Leadership, and Career Development.
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The MWC challenge results were supposed to be on Sep 21st. The official update was that the deluge of entries (10k+) had delayed the process and the winners will be announced on Oct 7th and honorary mentions on OCt 11th.

Both dates have passed — and nary a murmur about…

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Yes, everyone wants to earn more money via passive income. However, stop killing yourself over side hustles by blindly following the advice of so-called experts!

I love the concept of side hustles, but let’s face it — building them takes time! For most of us on the 9-to-5 treadmill, it…

#NOFUSSWRITING Challenge Week5

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Are you a leader of leaders?

This profound quote from the CEO of WSFS bank within the book ‘The Edge’ was an epiphany! Executives can talk themselves hoarse about concepts like grassroots leadership, ‘every employee is a leader’, and ways to promote their transformational vision/ galvanize change. …

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Want to be known as a powerful and innovative leader? Then master the skill of learning agility!

This simple skill is a must if you want to monetize your skills quickly instead of waiting 40 years or killing yourself on a side hustle, or risking all your savings for an…

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Do you know the law of the Customer?

According to Brian Tracy, this law states that every customer wants to get the highest possible value for the least amount of money paid.

In short, everyone wants to maximize the value for money!

So how can you use it to earn…

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Everyone I know is looking for a magic bullet to be a billionaire within 18 months. Since that pot of gold does not exist yet, here are some practical ways to get wealthy without having to wait for retirement.

#1. Know the basics of money.

Income and expenses go hand in hand. If the latter is…

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Success is not a miracle or a random chance event governed by birth or raw talent. True, some folks come with the odds stacked against them but examples like Malala and JK Rowling show that anything is possible with hard work, a little luck, and a growth mindset.

Your life…

Ann Venkataraman

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